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New Tribes Ascend CTF Server - Friday, March 7, 2014

(=SK=)Troma is sponsoring a Tribes Ascend CTF server for the Skullknockers.  It will be a custom server modified to our liking for the Ultra Ascend mod we are working on making for something new and more fast pace game fun.

We also have a Tribes Ascend Arena server up as well just search for the (=SK=) server tag names (Near the to of the list when sorted)





Address: ts.skullknockers.com Port: 9987 Password: sk
Download TS3 at www.TeamSpeak.com

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Welcome to the (=SK=) Skullknockers Clan  website.  In order to use all sections of this website you must first register.  The (=SK=)Skullknockers Clan is a group of online gamers generally 18 and older that enjoy playing team based games with other online gamers.  From 56k dialup days to the fiber optics of today the (=SK=)Skullknockers Clan has a large number of veteran online gamers that still to this day play together.  We challenge other clans on the battlefield to fight for honor with sportsmanship. We recruit new members to join our online game family that are drama free and here to have fun. 



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